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Cattle House Wholesale Meats and provisions customers range from fine dining establishments to casual restaurants, quick serve restaurants, hotels, school systems, and health care providers. It has many loyal customers concentrated in South Florida Tri county area. In a competitive marketplace, Cattle House Wholesale Meats and Provisions emphasize superior customer service and "hassle free delivery." Right Product – Right price – Right Time – Right Condition. In addition to traditional delivery services, Cattle House Wholesale Meats and provisions offers customers many value-added services. Its corporate chefs will help develop customer-specific signature items for your menus... In addition we also offer a full line of exotic specialty items. Plus we have the ability to help source out any food service products world wide. Also ask us about our yacht provisions. (We Export)



Ray and his Team who have a Half century of combined experience in all aspects of the food service industry say: At Cattle House Wholesale Meats and provisions, we never compromise quality or freshness. Our goal is to provide exceptional value for all our products and service. Our Customer base is expanding every day. We are confident that we have what it takes to continually offer the highest quality products available.


Ray Rolandini

C.E.O. and Founder



Ray stressing on quality and freshness
and always using the phrase.
Right Product – Right price – Right Time – Right Condition!!

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