Cattle House® USDA Prime beef is available in subprimal and portion control form. We offer Creek Stone Farms all natural beef.


  • No Antibiotics - EVER!

  • No Added Hormones - EVER!

  • No Growth Promoting Drugs - EVER!

  • No Artificial Ingredients - EVER!

  • 100% Vegetarian Diet

  • Sourced Verified to Ranch of Birth

  • Humane Animal Handling Practices

  • It takes longer and creates more work to raise cattle using these guidelines, but we think it's the right thing to do


Boneless Chuck


Chuck Roll


Chuck Tender


Neck of Chuck Roll




Clod Heart




Ground Chuck Fine/Course


109 Rib


Export Rib


Lipon Ribeye


Rib Lifter Meat/Special


Inside Skirt


Outside Skirt


Steamship Round


Bnls Round


Top Round






Shortloin 2x3 , 0x1


Bl Striploin


Striploin 2x3, 1x1, 0x1


Top Sirloin


Top Sirloin 2pc.


PSMO Tenderloin


Butt Tenderloin


Flap Meat


Flank Steak


Ball Tip


Tri Tip


Top Round Cap Off


Top Round DND Cap Off


Flat Round


Eye Round



Pure Ribeye                                         Whole Nude Tender


Delmonico Ribeye                               C/C Barrel Filet


Bone In Cowboy                                  RibeyeNude E/E Filet


Split Bone Ribeye                                E/E CONSO Filet


Outside Skirt                                        Bone In Tenderloin


K-Style Short Ribs                               Close Trim Filet


Chinese Cut Short Rib                         METRO Filet


T-Bone Steak                                       Chateau Briand


Porterhouse                                         Tenderloin Medallion


No Vein Porterhouse                           Tender Tips/Tails


KC Strip                                               Clipped Tail Tender


Beef for Stew                                       Brochette


Texas Tails                                          Hanging Tender


Tenderloin Whole                                NudeFlat Iron


C/C Striploin Steak                              Baseball Top Sirloin


C/C Strip Back Strap Off                     Top Butt Heart Muscle


E/E Striploin Steak                              Coulotte


1x1 Striploin Steak Ready                  Sirloin on Bias


London Broil                                       Bistro Medallion


C/C Top Sirloin Butt                            Pub Steak