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Cattle House poultry is:


  • •100 % All Natural, Free Range


  • •Locally grown in Northern New Jersey on small family farms..


  • •Farm-Raised on open pastures.


  • •Fed an all vegetarian diet of whole grains and fresh spring water, soy beans and corn.


  • •Raised without the use of any hormones or stimulants .




6/7OZ Cajun Duck Breast 24CT


Duck Suasage


Ho/Fo Duck Cryo


5 4-4.5# Maple Ducks


5/UP Maple Leaf Ducks


6/UP Maple Leaf Ducks


5/UP Fresh Maple Leaf Ducks


4.5# Gold Label Ducks


5/UP Gold Label Ducks


6/7OZ Bnls Sk/On Du


10/12 Duck A/L Breast


6/7 OZ Tequila Lime Duck Breast


6/7 OZ Pepper Crusted Duck Breast


6/7 OZ Roasted Garlic Duck Breast


Roast 1/2 Duckling


Duck Liver


Duck Legs B/N


IQF Duck TenderloinBrst


Bnls Sk/on Duck Brst




Frozen Capon


Bone In Turkey Brst


Carving Classic Turkey Brst


Ovenroast Sknls Turkey Brst 2/CS


Smkd Bnls Turkey Breas


5/7# Carving Handle Turkey


12-14# Whole Hen Turkey


22-24# Tom Turkeys


Guinea Hen


2.5-3# Guinea Hen Fzn


12/14- FZ Guinea Hen A/L Bst


Whole Geese




2.5-3# Froz. Pheasant


16-18Z Baby Pheasant


12/14 FZ Pheasant Air Brst

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